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Ranger Challenge PT Day 1

Today began the first day of Ranger Challenge physical training, and I found it my duty as a post-LDAC cadet, bright-eyed and motivated, to carry on the MS IV legacy by putting 110% into “sleeping through my alarm.” I am here to tell you how the first day went, but frankly, I have no clue. I can tell you, however, that lots of suppers from the night before, fruity-flavored sports drinks, and breakfasts (for those who think they should run with a bowl of cereal in their stomaches) were regurgitated in forms that don’t exactly look, or taste, quite as lovely the second time around. Thursday begins day 2, and we’ll find out who has learned their lesson.

The Ranger Challenge-hopefuls arrive in time for training at 0600, dressed in the Army Physical Fitness Uniform, ready for torture disguised as PT. The only other requirement, other than giving 110% at everything and cursing the “regular” cadets who get to sleep in an extra thirty minutes, is a one-gallon-sized jug. What is so special about this jug? Well, it consists of 50% water and 50% Gatorade (that’s half and half for all you college students), an every-day requirement for surviving the brutal training and jump-starting your bladder, in the event that you want to make five trips to the bathroom during your first class alone.

Stay tuned for more updates on Ranger Challenge PT, hopefully with more details involving training, and less details involving bodily functions.


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